Outdoor sockets, also known as weatherproof sockets are whats most commonly known as IP66 rated. IP66 means the socket is water and dust resistant. Although this may be the case, it does NOT mean the socket can be submerged in water, but it will withstand the elements of the outdoors.

Benefits of having an outside socket

By installing an outside socket, you benefit from the use of power outside. This could be anything from using the lawnmower, plugging in a pressure washer, some outside lights and even (on those hot sunny days working from home) plugging in a device such as a laptop or mobile phone charger. Outdoor sockets reduce the risk of running extension leads through the house and give you a convenient, safe place to plug in your equipment. They also come with a weatherproof “click shut” lid for you to keep the connections dry in different scenarios and weather conditions.

Maintaining your outside socket

There isn’t much to do to maintain your outside socket. The main things you must keep an eye on are wear and tear, damages and cracks. Older outside sockets can become brittle due to weathering. You will also want to make sure the lids for the sockets are not damaged or missing. If you find yours to be like any of the above mentioned, it will be time to get a new one installed to maintain the safety of the device for you, your family and your home.

What does IP stand for?

See our IP rating explained help sheet for more information on this.



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