The difference between ovens
There are ovens that come with a plug and there are ovens that require “hard wiring” to a cooker switch. This is all to do with the power output of the oven. Ovens with a lower power output are designed so they can run off the plug attached and can be plugged in to any house hold socket outlet.

What if my oven requires more power?
Ovens that require more power to operate, such as those with multiple elements or larger capacities, generally need a dedicated circuit to meet their needs. This is generally because a standard socket outlet and plug is rated to 13Amps and these ovens require more than this to operate safely and effectively.

Ovens that need a dedicated circuit to operate will need at least a 6mm (sometimes larger) cable run to an isolator local to your appliance. This ensures that you have local isolation in times of an emergency or fault where you need to switch your appliance off. This also allows for safe working in times of maintenance and repair.


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