These days, LED lighting is cost effective to run, a smooth light output and essentially great all round. HOWEVER, it doesn’t come without its confusions.

I get a lot of calls for flickering lights (you’d hope so being an electrician) and a lot of the time it is either the LED lamp, or the dimmer switch.

How can I tell if its my light bulb or my dimmer?

The first and easiest thing to check are the light bulbs. To do this you can check the packaging OR remove the bulb from the light fitting and check for the dimmable or non-dimmable logo as seen below.

As you can see, you have dimmable and non-dimmable logos for your light bulbs.

Your problem may now be solved…. you’re welcome. If not, fear not, we have more helpful advice!

This leads us on to your dimmer switch. Older style dimmer switches may not be compatible with LED lighting. the solution to your problem would be to change it (easy right?).

IF you have fancy fittings that you would rather not change, there may be a way round this too. dimmers have modules in the back, which are generally interchangeable so you can keep your house looking uniform throughout with all the same fixtures.

Give us a call today to see if we can assist you with swapping out your dimmers or dimmer modules!


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